About Us

 At Seattle Supreme (AKA Seasup), we are committed to forming a community of young designers and photographers. Together, we inspire and take the opportunity to originate both our brand and our creations.

Seattle, also known as the Emerald City, is most famous for its diversity, nature, and innovations. The first Starbucks was in Seattle, mountains and lakes overlook the entire city, and big businesses such as Facebook, Amazon, Starbucks, and Microsoft  all have their locations here. Our vision is simply aligned with the spirit of Seattle.

Seattle Supreme is dedicated to creating meaningful designs through cultural connections and graphic inspirations while ensuring the quality of our products and promising comprehensive customer care.

Seattle Supreme is also starting its brand with our community in mind. Living in Washington State during this tough time is not easy. As Seattle Supreme debut its brand with the "Mandarin" collection, 15% profits made from selected products will be donated towards Covid-19 support funds. Based in Washington State, we deeply care about our community and believe this is a chance that we give back. We will be donating to Washington Youth For Masks, a local youth organization working to bring masks from China to hospitals across Washington State, and to protestors who need personal protective equipment.

Founder & Designer,